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Hasn't it been like three hundred and seventy five internet years since I last poked my head in here? It's really nice to see familiar names again. And familiar icons. And stuff. Glad to see people still care, although I can't foresee EOI coming back from the grave for a... what, fourth or fifth time? I've lost track. I'm honestly shocked that three years on people were still poking here looking for life.

I have to admit it, it just feels too good to -not- do the comic. I don't love it as much as other artists who can stick to a project for the long haul. I hate drawing. I don't LOATHE it, but it doesn't hold my attention. It's not my passion. My passions are banging hot chicks* and playing video games, and no one wants to see me do either of those on the internet.

That said, now that I'm at a place in my life where I feel comfortable swinging a pencil around again there are still a bajillion stories I'd like to tell. They just don't involve that old sendup of online communities that EOI was before I ran out of jokes to tell. There's still some stories there, I had scripts for love triangles and grand adventures but all that nonsense is played. I think if I draw again I will be going in a different direction, which is one of the reasons I dragged my LJ out of the dust so I have a place to slap anything I might scan in the coming days.

Anyways, thanks for being around, guys.

*just the one oh god she is going to kill me

That last entry is so old

I don't even work for that book distributor anymore. Got laid off. Spent six months on my ass. Got a new job. It's pretty rad.

Anyway, here's a new post for people to rant at or about things on. Gonna try to start doodling at work as time permits (the job is that rad).

And now the flying dracula hair brings you a story. . .

I would totally post some weird lyrics for people to guess the origins thereof and make an awesome game out of it but it would get boring about three rounds in when everyone realized I was just picking random lines out of every song in every Aquabats album ever.


So, anyway, Shannon is getting slowly better. She's dropped so much weight from being unable to eat or hold down food and I am sad. Once she's feeling better it is steak dinners for her every night, this I swear! I have great fondness for the female form in all its varieties but Shannon should be round.

Boy, you know, I really thought this story arc would be over by now, but I get so wrapped up in where the day to day strips take me. Now we're on the verge of a big final battle that is going to be about one hundred times larger than what I originally wrote. I'm hoping that my grind-stained fingers can keep this up, I'm getting really bi-polar about each strip. I'm depressed when I start to draw, get real excited as I get half-way through and then I burn out by the time the words are on the screen. And two days later the cycle must begin again. AIE.

In my mind I'm hitting all the improvements I wanted to, except for color, but it's always bittersweet to go in a new direction and see the unavoidable losses associated with it.

I used to hate this comic for being so bloody heavy-handed and obvious with its narrative, and I kept swearing to myself that next time, I'll let the audience figure it out for themselves. I must be succeeding because I see many comments along the lines of "I can't understand what's going on." Especially from new readers. I guess it's a good thing I'm not spending any money on advertising.

I'm half of a mind to reel back the update schedule a bit, grind or no grind, just so I can spend a little more time on the artwork but I worry that the moment I stop I'll not be able to start again.

Shannon's doing much better

Saint Joseph's hospital down here in Tucson is just fantastic. The nurses in the ICU are great about letting me in to visit Shannon, who is finally able to hear and see the real world again. I'd mentioned that I had to fight to get her in to the hospital, that had less to do with her being irresponsible and more to do with the fact that her blood chemistry was so out of order that she was hallucinating and not aware of how sick she really was. She'd been sick in bed for a few days before things really went wrong and during that time she wasn't able to eat right. Things spiraled out of control and we both chalked up the warning signs to what she was recovering from.

But she's all cleaned up and eating and talking again. They let me hang out in the ICU longer than the posted rules say, so I'm hoping to spend some time with her tomorrow after work. I'm sure she's a hundred times more bored than I am without her here at home with me. I'm really relieved about how considerate they are at St. Joe's. It's a very Catholic hospital, complete with morning prayers over the PA and Mass on Sunday, and it's one of the top hospitals in the country. I have to say I'm much more comfortable there than I am at any of the other hospitals I've had experience with, even though I'm no Catholic myself.

I really appreciate all the kind words, guys, thanks.