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And now the flying dracula hair brings you a story. . . - Elf Only LJ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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And now the flying dracula hair brings you a story. . . [Jan. 29th, 2007|09:24 pm]
I would totally post some weird lyrics for people to guess the origins thereof and make an awesome game out of it but it would get boring about three rounds in when everyone realized I was just picking random lines out of every song in every Aquabats album ever.


So, anyway, Shannon is getting slowly better. She's dropped so much weight from being unable to eat or hold down food and I am sad. Once she's feeling better it is steak dinners for her every night, this I swear! I have great fondness for the female form in all its varieties but Shannon should be round.

Boy, you know, I really thought this story arc would be over by now, but I get so wrapped up in where the day to day strips take me. Now we're on the verge of a big final battle that is going to be about one hundred times larger than what I originally wrote. I'm hoping that my grind-stained fingers can keep this up, I'm getting really bi-polar about each strip. I'm depressed when I start to draw, get real excited as I get half-way through and then I burn out by the time the words are on the screen. And two days later the cycle must begin again. AIE.

In my mind I'm hitting all the improvements I wanted to, except for color, but it's always bittersweet to go in a new direction and see the unavoidable losses associated with it.

I used to hate this comic for being so bloody heavy-handed and obvious with its narrative, and I kept swearing to myself that next time, I'll let the audience figure it out for themselves. I must be succeeding because I see many comments along the lines of "I can't understand what's going on." Especially from new readers. I guess it's a good thing I'm not spending any money on advertising.

I'm half of a mind to reel back the update schedule a bit, grind or no grind, just so I can spend a little more time on the artwork but I worry that the moment I stop I'll not be able to start again.

[User Picture]From: qa
2007-01-30 04:50 am (UTC)
*hugs* it's good that Shannon's doing better.. ;)

I love the comic as it was then, and as it is now. You're doing a great job.
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[User Picture]From: the_pirate_star
2007-01-30 05:23 am (UTC)
Hi, random loyal reader. I'm glad to hear that things are shaping up for the better! I just wanted to stop by and say that I love GM Percy.
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[User Picture]From: calydor
2007-01-30 07:28 am (UTC)
"I can't understand what's going on."

Yeah, umm, take a look - the CHARACTERS can't understand it, either, so why should the readers have some omniscient idea of the greater plot? That's what makes a GOOD book, a plot you haven't figured out before reading the author bio on the cover.

Good to hear Shannon's improving, btw.
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[User Picture]From: sonictail
2007-01-30 11:01 am (UTC)
Stop second guessing yourself, the new strips are great. I don't feel that i'm being led along and the reveals have been worth it, talk about a story that keeps you on your toes. You are doing good work and no-one can say otherwise ;)

But keep on that bicycle, just pedal it at a rate that works for you. It's better to go slower than fall off completely.
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[User Picture]From: evilcarp
2007-01-30 02:33 pm (UTC)
What's to understand? It's a good story and it makes me want to keep reading to see what's going to happen next. Also, I'm so wrapped up in the story itself, that the art can do whatever it needs to. You should try Cubism on one of your strips.

I'm glad Shannon's doing better. Feed her olive oil! Cook everything in it.
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From: mr_piccolo
2007-01-30 06:55 pm (UTC)
Glad to hear Shannon's got better, you need to put cream in her coffee instead of milk. The story is amazing as it was then and isalso amazing as it is now.
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[User Picture]From: conconhead
2007-01-30 07:12 pm (UTC)
Like everyone else on the list, I am sooo happy to hear about Shannon feeling better. I'm also happy to hear you're the kind of guy who likes a woman who isn't a skeleton.

As for the storyline, I'm loving it. Confusion is part of any major storyline; your heroes don't know what's going on all the time, and if the players do, it's not as much fun to discover at the end. I say work at the pace which makes you happy. I've been loving EOI since the start but the new turn really rocks.
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[User Picture]From: medusasowl
2007-01-30 10:31 pm (UTC)
As so many have said, so glad Shannon is doing better! Hopefully soon you'll get some meat back on her bones and she'll be at 100% again.

As for Elf Only Inn, it's currently the only comic lately that I'm actually hanging on every update. It's come such a long way, and it's impossible not to get invested in these lovable characters. If folks are completely lost, they just need to read it again (which is a pleasure to do anyway) because while it's full of mystery and intrigue what the characters know and are trying to do is pretty straight forward!
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[User Picture]From: kijuna
2007-02-01 09:02 am (UTC)
Yay for feeling better!

I suggest taking a week to do nothing but the comic and getting ahead, and after that you can go easier because you've got more time to do it.
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From: aniesa_auvyrath
2007-02-02 07:39 am (UTC)
*smiles* Very, very happy to hear that Shannon is doing better.

And... while doubt is every writer's most constant and hated companion, Sortelli.... pleasepleasplease don't give in. I've been a veteran reader of EOI, and was one of those that continued to check by the site every couple of weeks or so during the Dark Years, and rejoiced in happy, happy silence when I saw that it had come back up.

Not to mention, this story is absolutely, without a doubt, SPELLBINDING AND ENGAGING. I don't normally use caps lock for emphasis, but it was necessary. I'm hooked. I need to know what happens. Please keep writing! It's awesome. I love the new characters just as much as the old ones... and I can't wait to see what happens next! The tension is building with every strip and it's absolutely AWESOME!
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From: (Anonymous)
2007-02-04 01:52 am (UTC)
Hi Sortelli,
I loved your comic years ago and have always though that it had fantastic writing, characters, and plot. I can't tell you how delighted I was to randomly check your page after giving up about a year ago on you coming back and see that things are in full swing again. The comic in its new form is beautiful; you've managed to keep everything I love while also keeping it contemporary. Thanks!
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[User Picture]From: hpkomic
2007-02-10 01:14 pm (UTC)
I'm just glad to have EOI back, I remember being sad when it didn't update. If you want to roll back the number of updates to give yourself peace of mind about the artwork, you should. You don't really need to considering EOI looks great in black and white, but if you'd like to throw in some color and the loss of an update each week, it's perfectly fine by me, and I'm sure it's fine by everyone else too.
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[User Picture]From: pratzstrike
2007-02-13 09:55 pm (UTC)
Hey man! I hadn't spoken to you in a while, so I thought I'd come see what you were up to (and mention that I finally started playing WoW - Kirin Tor for the win) and saw that Shannon was sick... man, please tell her that I said hey and I hope she's doing ok. I miss talking and RPing with you guys, and I hope everything's doing ok. I'm sure she'll feel much better soon, but until then you've got my best wishes. And I finally friended you - come say hey sometimes!
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[User Picture]From: paperthin_sin
2007-02-14 03:00 pm (UTC)
<3 Glad to hear Shannon's getting better. Steaks for the win. & lots of nummy starches.

As for your colour, perhaps another call for a colourist is in order? Just until you drop the grind? (Though I've faith in your win to come.)

i do miss your colour so. it gives the comic so much life, but i totally understand how it adds like nine meelion hours.

if you do stop, i think we may need to start up the lazy lazy grind, for those that update twice a week. XD (kirb & i have been seriously considering.)
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